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I'm excited to introduce my Ultimate Pork Puller! Watch the video and let me know if you have any questions.



No need to burn your hands or waiting for fresh smoked pork to cool down!! Straight from the smoker to the plate in less than a minute.



Perfect for Restaurants and Caterers

Use this tool to shred  PORK, BEEF, CHICKEN , and even use it for Mashed Potatoes!!

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Ultimate Pork Puller

STOP pulling that pork by hand! Cut your time down from minutes to seconds. Go to VIDEO to see it in ACTION→→→→


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The Ultimate Pork Puller being used by a vendor at the 2013 Frisco CO BBQ Competition


Hey Rodney,

Just wanted to say thanks for being a stand up guy and getting the puller to me in time for my party this week just as you said. It actually got here on Wednesday instead of Thursday.

I had 2 meats for this event for 265; a pulled/shredded chicken for which I used boneless breasts and pulled pork. I did the chicken first and put an average of 14/15 lbs of boiled breasts in the pot at a time and...bam...the puller worked like a champ in about 30 seconds/batch.

I did 18 butts from my stick burner, 2 at a time and the puller totally rocked...probably around 10-15 seconds per batch. Amazing.

I've seen a bunch of doubters posting on some of the BBQ forums about these pullers and that they cost too much. IMHO your puller paid for itself the first time I used it. A great looking end product that saved me A LOT of time. For anyone who does catering or needs to pull more than a couple of butts at time this is a must have tool.

Your product is well made and easy to use. In fact, my battery died on my better drill and I did the butts with an old 14.4V Craftsman. I was worried it wouldn't be powerful enough but it worked perfectly.

Thanks again,

Rob -

Mansfield, OH


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